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Since music has evolved into more than several categories it was deemed necessary to incorporate a custom computer generated data base built by Stallion Software to serve our clients more efficiently without the long wait of the disc jockey trying to run the equipment, keeping the flow going on the dance floor or mood and locating a requested song.

Tony loves to play requests and gets full satisfaction out of doing it for his clients or client’s guests providing the client(s) has specified such an arrangement. It's all up to you!!!

Only The Very Best

I do not believe in short changing the client(s) with a below grade or an average system to see my bottom line($$$) grow faster than the speed of light. I always hear from other competitors that the client or guests dont know the difference. But I do! Don't get me wrong there are other very good disc-jockey services out there who feel and do as I do but they are very hard to find. That's why only the very best will do for my clients, after all the planning and time that you put into your special day you only get one shot at making or breaking it. So why go to someone who's not as serious as you are about your special day.

This is the new Majestic Sounds Ford E-350 Chateau Power Stroked Turbo Diesel van awaiting the quigley 4x4 conversion.

Majestic Sounds Van Before 4x4 Conversion

Majestic Sounds Ford E-350

Majestic Sounds Ford E-350

The after FX of the Quigley Conversion, more reliability...

Majestic Sounds Ford E-350

Majestic Sounds Ford E-350