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Reasons to Hire Majestic Sounds for Your Special Event:

  • Reason #1: Experience! Tony has 20+ years of experience in the music entertainment field. There's just substitute!!!
  • Reason #2: Reliability! Tony prides himself on reliability and uses the rule of thumb of showing up two hours prior to your event for setting up equipment and sound checks.
  • Reason #3: Insurance! Majestic Sounds is fully insured and is a member of N.A.M.E. and A.D.J.A.
  • Reason #4: No Stand Ins! When you hire me, that's who you get!!! Not Moe, Larry or Curley.
  • Reason #5: Attire! I will always dress for your special event either it be casual or with a tuxedo, you decide.
  • Reason #6: Assurance! I assure you as my client(s) that the guest(s) of honor are the stars of the event.
  • Reason #7: Music! I have all types of music genres which cover the years from the 1940's into the 2K equaling close to 48,000 tracks.
  • Reason #8: Requested Music! I play all requested music; I do not play music that I just want to hear like other disc jockeys. Remember it's your special event.
  • Reason #9: Service! That's what I'm in business for, to give my client(s) service with a smile so that your special event is memorable.
  • Reason #10: State Of The Art Equipment!
    • "Point A" We do not state the little white lie like some disc jockey companies do.
    • "Point B" Come to the venue and set up some below average, worse than some home stereo stuff with just average big looking speakers for the "wow" factor like some disc jockey companies do and hide it behind a black screen making sure nobody takes a peek. Every piece of equipment that we have is a well know brand in the business which makes that statement all on its own.