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Antonio Camilo

Past, Present & Future! But First: Who is Majestic Sounds?

ANTONIO CAMILO has been in the business for over twenty plus years, starting at the young age of 12. He started helping one of his many uncles in the music business being a roadie for numerous bands that one of his uncles managed in order to make extra pocket money. Tony being the type to be drawn to anything electronic got hooked on this music experience which in time morphed into other facets of the business. While Tony was attending J.H.S.10 in ASTORIA QUEENS he would hear talk amongst his schoolmates about how these disc jockeys "THE DISCO TWINS" & "BABY JAY" *********this is before BABY JAY Started Playing At "ROSELAND" and being involved with "Afrika Bammbatta And The Zulu Nation" which Happened to be The Original HIP-HOP movement.********* being so hip and cool, the equipment they had, the parties they did. Also add in the female factor when you're a young teen starting to date it was only a matter of time that the D.J. bug would bite.

Also somewhere in this time frame "SATURDAY NITE FEVER" Came out in the movies, All of a sudden people were mimicking and dressing like the characters in the movie (which Tony did not) everyone was a disc jockey and it was crazy because everyone all of a sudden had these super stereos and a crate of 12' records.100 watts per channel was considered a lot in the 70's since most home stereos were only rated for 1 to 5 watts with 4" full range speakers in a shoebox compared to what speaker sizes ranging from 10" to the super-size 15" in speaker cabinets the size close to a refrigerator D.J.'s of this era were lugging around. Legend has it that "THE DISCO TWINS" had over 1000 watts. Since Tony also comes from a family of well-known disc jockeys. He started to really take notice to what his uncles were up too more so than before. So it was only natural that this would be the next avenue for Tony to explore.

Tony started out with borrowed outdated equipment his numerous uncles had laying around that they no longer used since they had upgraded to better equipment. The older stuff was just collecting dust sitting around. It was not long before Tony put that used equipment to use doing house parties, sweet sixteens, weddings anything to get behind the wheels of steel using mostly 45 rpm 7" records (remember 12" records were an upgrade just like equipment which you needed more money for considering that 45's were going for 1 dollar and 12"records were going for 2.99 to 3.99 and cigarettes were going for 55 cents at the time just to give you an idea how tuff it was with no part time job. Money became secondary from having a good time being able to have people dance to the music Tony played for them.

In time Tony became known in the area he played in and soon enough Tony landed his first gig on NEW YEARS EVE after another disc jockey could not make it. This party turned into a full time gig on the weekends (by this time Tony had a crate of 12" records). The place was called the "NITE SPOT" which years later became "PAPAGALLOS" which by that time Tony was the house disc jockey for "EL COCO LOUNGE" and later on switched to the original "ABBEY ROADS" and then started traveling between other clubs such as the "31 CLUB", the "FANTASY II", the "21 CLUB", "SKYLIGHTS", the "STEINWAY 21", "CAGNEY'S" and many others...

Tony also got a chance to play along with Tito Puente (R.I.P.) during one of his many parties tony has done.

After a while the club and bar scene was getting played out it was time for a change for the better. Tony decided to go the MOBILE D.J. route and has no regrets which in time became MAJESTIC SOUNDS.

Places Majestic Sounds Has Been:

Places Majestic Sounds Has Been

Places Majestic Sounds Has Been

Places Majestic Sounds Has Been

  • San Succi
  • White House
  • Westbury Manor
  • Sand Castle
  • Majestic Gardens
  • Jericho Terrace
  • Bartolino's
  • Golden Pheasant
  • Glen Island Harbor Club
  • Bruno's on the Boulavard
  • Astorian World Manor
  • Dante's Caterers
  • Verdi's
  • Caffe on the Green
  • Reception House
  • Riccardo's by the Bridge
  • Durso's
  • Waldorf Astoria
  • Coral House
  • Leonards of Great Neck
  • Woodbury Country Club
  • Swan Club
  • Crest Hollow Country Club
  • Chateau Briand
  • Westbury Manor
  • Manor House of Westchester
  • Crystal Bay on the Hudson
  • Russo's on the Bay
  • Long Island Cities "Waterfront Crabhouse" Banquet Hall
  • Liberty House of Liberty State Park
  • The Boathouse in Central Park
  • Knights of Columbus Halls of Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Including Various Townships of Nassau & Suffolk Counties
  • 2004 Annual Latin Day Parade of Bayonne New Jersey
  • Wedding Reception in Detroit Michigan
  • Various Wedding Receptions in Europe

That Was Then, This Is Now...

Majestic sounds will continue to serve all of the five boros of new york as well as:

  • All of New Jersey
  • All of Westchester
  • All of Long Island
  • Parts of Conneticut
  • As Well as Most Parts of Upstate New York...

If you have any questions to whether we will cover your area, please feel free to contact us to find out.

Antonio Camilo