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Enthusiastic DJs Delivering Non-Stop Entertainment

Everyone wants birthday parties, engagement celebrations, corporate events, and other occasions featuring Majestic Sounds of New York! Located in Bayonne, we provide DJ entertainment at reasonable rates that you can afford. We provide outstanding sound quality using higher quality speakers and PA systems. This equipment is available to rent for events and political functions as well.

Collaborating with Customers

After calling us to schedule an appointment, the person you meet with is one of our DJs who gathers information on the type of music you prefer and theme of the party. We work together with whoever is in charge and handle all the logistics. Pricing is discussed at this time and depends on the event, number of people, location, and dress code required. Our main goal is making sure you and your guests are entertained from the first song played to the last.

Terrific Music Selection

We have an extensive music library containing a broad range of genres and add the latest songs each month. Our playlist is customized to include whatever songs you specifically want to hear and exclude any type of music you don't like. In order to please the crowd, we also take requests upon your approval.

Vinyl Record

Professional State of the Art Sound System

Digital Disc Players:

  • CD Player Denon DNS1000
  • CD Player (Dual) Denon 2600f with Anti Skip
  • Mini Disc Player (Dual) Denon 2300f
  • CD Turntable (2) Technics SLDZ-1200


  • Rane 24z
  • Vestax PCV275
  • Denon DNX100
  • Denon DVX500

A.R.T. FXR Stereo Digital Effects Processor


  • 1 Crest CA6
  • 2 Crest CA9's
  • 1 QSC PLX 2402


  • DBX 223
  • DBX Drive Rack


  • DBX 2231 Limiter W/Type III Noise Reduction


  • 4 JBL SR4725 X/Concert Full Range
  • 4 JBL MP418 S/Subwoofers
  • 2 JBL MP410/Full Range Tops or Monitors
  • 2 Mackie SRM450/2 Way Bi Amped Self Powered Speakers


  • Computer Driven
  • Sony Viao PCG-GRV680

MP3 D.J. System:

  • Computer Driven
  • PCDJ Red & FX Software
  • Sony Viao PCG-260G
  • Maxtor 300GB Hard Drive
  • M Audio Firewire 410 Digital Sound Card

Power Conditioner:

  • Furman Pl-Plus Pro

Wireless Microphone System by Shure Professional UT4:

  • Shure Handheld Wireless SM-58
  • Shure Headset Wireless
  • Shure Wired Handheld SM-58

Behringer Composer Pro Interactive Dynamics Processor #2200

Vocal Reinforcement:

  • Featuring Mackie 1402 Vlz Pro 14 Channel Mic/Line Mixer
  • With Premium XDR Mic Preamplifiers
  • 130db Dynamic Range
  • 24 Bit Digital Ready

Sony Digital 3CCD Handycam Camcorder:

  • Model DCRVX2100
  • Featuring Pinnacle Video Editing
  • System Version #'s 8-9-10

Backup Computer Disc Jockey System Featuring PCDJ FX
Backup Computer Disc Jockey System Featuring PCDJ FX

Nothing Like The 12's
Nothing Like The 12's

We Use J.B.L. Speakers Only
We Use J.B.L. Speakers Only

Professional Lighting System

  • 1 Knight Lighting Systemtruss Adjustable From 5' to 10' wide, up to 9' Tall
  • 2 Chauvet Micro-Barrel II Lighting Heads DMX-512 Control Ready/14 Colors/14 Gobos
  • 2 Chauvet Micro Scan II Lighting Heads DMX-512 Control Ready/14 Colors/14 Gobos
  • 1 American D.J. Sunray III Multi Colored Mirror Ball Like Effect
  • 2 American D.J. Minigressor II Multi Colored Dancing Beams of Light
  • 2 American D.J. Helicopters 6 Head Revolving Beams of Light
  • 8 Pin Spot Lights w/Ness Controllers 16 Chase Patterns
  • 1 Martin Adventurer Multi Color/Multi Color Moonflower Type Effect
  • 1 PSL Fog Machine by Omnisystem High Output w/Different Scents (Coconut, Strawberry, Etc.)
  • 4 Hotshot Strobe Lights Colors/Red, Amber, Blue, Green
  • 2 Martin MX-1's Scanner/18 Gobo's/11 Dichroic Colors/3 Dichroic Color Splits
  • 2 American DJ Concept 1's Scanner/19 Gobo's/17 Colors/Built in 4.9 Mil
  • 2 Chauvet ILS Mini Legends/DMX Ready

Majestic Sounds is always looking to upgrade the lighting system to add that special party atmosphere for your event.

Coming Soon: Upgrading to Laser Lighting Effects

American DJ Concept One
American DJ Concept One

Martin MX-1 Lighting Effect
Martin MX-1 Lighting Effect

Chauvet ILS Mini Legend
Chauvet ILS Mini Legend